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Green Aspirations Scotland CIC

We're a woodland-based social enterprise with a mission to inspire outdoor learning. Why? Because we know the importance of a close connection with nature – and with like-minded people – for our health and wellbeing. We create opportunities for people to get outside, experience nature first hand, have fun and learn new skills, through education and volunteering, workshops and parties. We teach traditional crafts and rural skills, from woodland management to whittling. And we aim to encourage and inspire a new generation to care for their environment. All our profits go back into ensuring that our work can continue, helping us to reach out to more and more people. Our main focus is working with young people who struggle with traditional schooling. We work with them to show that there is an alternative, by introducing them to the opportunities the woodlands provide. Your support means that we continue to offer these projects.

From 14 Jul 2024
July, 2024
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