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Give Something Back To Berlin

The events on this booking page are for the GSBTB Community Hub. To take part in our many other weekly events, please check out our website or social media pages.

From 25 Feb 2024
February, 2024
27 Tue 6:30pm CET
28 Wed 5:30pm CET
29 Thu 7pm CET
5 Tue 6:30pm CET
6 Wed 5:30pm CET
12 Tue 6:30pm CET
13 Wed 5:30pm CET
19 Tue 6:30pm CET
7:30pm CET
20 Wed 5:30pm CET
26 Tue 6:30pm CET
27 Wed 5:30pm CET
2 Tue 6:30pm CEST
3 Wed 5:30pm CEST
9 Tue 6:30pm CEST
16 Tue 6:30pm CEST
23 Tue 6:30pm CEST
30 Tue 6:30pm CEST
30 Thu 7pm CEST
29 Thu 7pm CEST
Times shown in timezone: Berlin