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Hampshire Dance Fitness (formerly Alton Zumba)

Hampshire Dance Fitness is run by Kate Sadler who teaches Zumba®, Zumba Gold® (low impact Zumba®), Zumba Toning®️, Zumba Gold Toning ®️, Aqua Zumba®️and Zumba Kids® classes. Kate is also an instructor for Clubbercise and This Girl Can and we are both passionate about getting everyBODY moving!

Kate has been teaching dance fitness classes since 2012 and holds qualifications in Level 2 Dance Fitness and ETM as well as all the necessary licenses and insurance to teach all the dance fitness programmes.

Hampshire Dance Fitness reflects who we are now as we cover a larger area of Alton, Medstead, Hook and Basingstoke.

We are a very welcoming, down to earth group who think exercise should be fun and adapted to your pace and your body.

There are different classes to suit different fitness levels and you will build your fitness slowly and safely whilst having a giggle at the same time!
The Fizz Bomb name reflects the fun energy in class; a comment from a participant and seems to have stuck!

“So many people come to me and say, ‘I can’t possibly do Zumba, I’m so uncoordinated’ then they give it a go and leave class with a huge smile on their face! I love this! The classes are fun and we play an infectious mix of music. You are literally burning calories without even realising it.”

Participant, Alex, commented, “Brilliant class! Kate is just fabulous, she has boundless energy, it is a really fun class and she is very welcoming to all. The hour whizzes by.”

Classes are £7 pay as you go or you can purchase a 10 class pre paid card for £63 valid for 6 months)

We look forward to seeing you and shaking away any cobwebs xx

From 25 Apr 2024
April, 2024
30 Tue 9:30am BST
2pm BST
1 Wed 11:30am BST
7pm BST
2 Thu 11:30am BST
7 Tue 9:30am BST
2pm BST
8 Wed 11:30am BST
7pm BST
9 Thu 11:30am BST
14 Tue 9:30am BST
2pm BST
15 Wed 11:30am BST
7pm BST
16 Thu 11:30am BST
21 Tue 9:30am BST
2pm BST
22 Wed 11:30am BST
7pm BST
23 Thu 11:30am BST
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