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28 okt. 2021-től
Mutass többet...
október, 2021
29 p. 23:30 BST HIRING Fit4OCR Training Centre
23:45 BST Buy Fit4OCR 3 in 1 Jacket
23:45 BST Buy Fit4OCR Baseball Cap
23:45 BST Buy Fit4OCR Contrast Hoodie
23:45 BST Buy Fit4OCR Female Tech Tee
23:45 BST Buy Fit4OCR Male Tech Tee
30 szo. 09:30 BST All FiRED Up 2021 (with Coach RED)
09:30 BST Pay and Play (NO inductions)
11:00 BST Pay and Play and inductions
31 v. 09:00 GMT Pay and Play and inductions
10:30 GMT Pay and Play and inductions
14:30 GMT Private Session Hire
16:00 GMT Private Session Hire
17:30 GMT Private Session Hire
1 h. 15:30 GMT Private Session Hire
3 sze. 16:30 GMT Private Session Hire
18:00 GMT Pay and Play (NO inductions)
4 cs. 11:00 GMT Outsiders (Baldock) - Just A Bootcamp
18:30 GMT Outsiders (Baldock) - Just A Bootcamp
5 p. 11:30 GMT Booked Private hire
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