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Zoom Tuesday Morning Yoga

kedd, 6 december '22   09:30 – 11:00 GMT
Zoom - Online
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Kurzus dátumai

  • k., 6 dec. '22   09:30 – 11:00 GMT
  • k., 13 dec. '22   09:30 – 11:00 GMT


A mindful 90 minute practice which will include movement, stillness, breath work and relaxation. This is a mixed ability class so we can work around aches and pains, balance problems etc but it is not suitable for pregnant yogis.


You will need your own mat, blanket and any yoga equipment that you use (usually a block to sit on and occasionally a strap).

You can access the Zoom link(s) via the confirmation email sent to you. If you book a block then it will be a different link each week so please keep your initial confirmation email throughout the block.

Please note this class will be recorded. If you unmute yourself to speak during the class then your image and your voice may be in the recording.


Zoom Tuesday Morning Yoga - block booking
Tanfolyam jegy - a következő dátumokhoz*az összes 2 dátum*.
Elérhető k. 6 dec. 09:30-ig
Course price is discounted as weeks pass.
Zoom Tuesday Morning Yoga - single class
Elérhető k. 29 nov. 09:30 és k. 6 dec. 11:00 között
Single classes only become available to book in the week before they occur as block bookings take priority.

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