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Alpaca Experiences

Our alpaca experience is bespoke to every single visitor to the farm. To begin we will give you a proper introduction to your new alpaca friends, and have a quick run through of what alpaca are and how they like us to interact with them. We will then go on a short walk around the alpaca paddocks and if you fancy it we can have a go around our 'alpaca obstacle course' (don't worry, nothing too taxing!). After dropping off your alpaca buddies back off at the barn, we will then go back out into the paddock where we will spend some time amongst all of our wonderful boys! The total experience lasts for 60 minutes in our paddocks where you can just enjoy being around these beautiful animals..
This is perfect for those who either don't fancy or can't walk for 90 minutes (the length of our treks), have already been on a trek and fancy something different, are perhaps a bit more nervous around animals and want a less hands on activity, or those with people 15 or under who wish to attend.
If you want a more hands on activity spending time with just one alpaca and are 16 or over then we reccomend our ‘alpaca treks’ instead (please visit or go back to our webpage and follow the appropriate link).

Before booking onto one of our alpaca experiences, please take the time to read our guidelines below to make sure our alpaca experiences are suitable for you.

A. Anyone 15 or under must have a paying adult, 18 or over, attending. Adult tickets are for anyone 16 or over, but for insurance reasons we require a minimum of one person 18 or over booked onto the experience per 2 children (15 or under).

B. Whilst we have extensively trained our herd and exposed them to all sorts of different things, alpacas are ultimately animals. They can be excitable, or they might be lovely and chilled, if you are nervous around animals at all this is the perfect activity as we can take things at your speed, so please let your guide know if you are unsure or might prefer a slower introduction.

C. We do have a toilet on site, but as it is across the farm yard we do prefer to view it as an emergency toilet to be used at the start or the end of your activity if required.

D. Suitable footwear is compulsory as we walk across grass. During summer we reccomend trainers or walking boots, and during winter walking boots or wellies are best.
Alpacas have softer feet then horses but we insist that toes are covered all year round to be on the safe side. In the event of rain we do not allow umbrellas on the trek so please bring waterproofs instead.

E. Due to the nature of the ground, unfortunately we are unable to accommodate wheelchairs all year around, so please get in touch to see what we can arrange. Some walking aids may be suitable but there is still a short 5 minute walk to the barn itself from the car park. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements before booking.

F. No dogs, including guide and assistance dogs.

G. We recommend the use of insect repellent due to the nature of being with animals in open countryside.

H. We run our experiences in all weather, except storms or when there are dangerous road conditions locally.

I. All trekkers must only arrive on site 5-10 minutes maximum before the start of the trek, you will then be collected from your car by a guide when we are ready for the session to begin. If you are going to be late please get in touch as soon as possible.

J. We do not offer refunds, in the event of a cancelation we will transfer your ticket to a gift voucher which will be valid for 12 months. We require at least 72 hours notice if you need to cancel, any cancellations after this time will not be eligible for a gift voucher and the booking will be lost with no voucher, transfer or refund due. We often struggle to fill slots at such short notice and as such loose business.

K. Unfortunately we do not offer tickets for spectators. If your group size is larger than 8 please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your group size.

Thank you!
Natterjack Alpacas

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Cancellations and transfers are allowed up to 2 days before the start of the activity. Any made after this time will receive no refund, this includes latecomers who miss the safety talk and no-shows.