Nicki’s Nutters

Thank you for booking your classes with me.. the fun is real, the workouts will get you results and most importantly you’ll have the best time !! let’s do this !

2 aug. 2021-től
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augusztus, 2021
3 k. 17:30 BST Step Aerobics -Zoom Session
18:15 BST Kettles Express -Zoom Session
19:00 BST Beginners Yoga Zoom Session
4 sze. 18:00 BST Strong @ Reach Beyond
19:00 BST Zumba Step @ reach beyond wellness studio
8 v. 09:00 BST HIIT @ reach beyond wellness
10:00 BST Step @ reach beyond wellness studio
11:00 BST Stretch and Tone @ Reach Beyond Wellness Studio
9 h. 18:00 BST Pound @ Reach Beyond Wellness Studio
19:00 BST Clubbercise @ Reach Beyond Wellness Studios
Az időzónában feltüntetett időpontok: London