Autumn Season Ticket / Multi-pass
£60Bérlet 35 számára.
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A bérlet felhasználható:
  • Autumn: Weekday Early Morning Swim - Adults Only
  • Autumn: Weekday afternoon - lane swim only
This covers the whole of our autumn season - and relates to all weekday (Monday to Friday) sessions. This provides you with up to 35 bookings to be redeemed on weekday (Monday to Friday) lane sessions - early mornings and afternoons - during our 7-week autumn season, which starts Monday 14 September. These can only be used to book one place per session for the named ticket holder. You are free to book as many sessions a day as you wish - there is no per day limit on usage. The no refund policy applies to the Autumn Season Ticket Multi-pass ie: once a session is booked, the ticket cannot refunded, transferred to another session or person. We can also not offer any refunds for unused uses left at the end of the Autumn season. You need also to buy at least one specific swim session when you buy this class pass, you can't just buy it on its own - that's just how the Bookwhen system works. Any eligible autumn weekday sessions booked at the same time as the "class pass" will just be counted against the pass. Other weekend or non-autumn sessions can be booked as normal and do not count against this pass. Every time you then book an autumn weekday session for yourself, the system counts that booking against the pass, until all 35 are used up over time. You can see from your booking how many class passes you have used up out of the 35.
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