20 szept. 2021-től
szeptember, 2021
23 cs. 11:00 CEST SEFI@work: Engineering ethics education: insights from Spain and Portugal
6 sze. 18:00 CEST SEFI @ work: The role of mental health for a diverse and inclusive engineering culture
12 k. 16:00 CEST SEFI @ work: Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day – an international discussion on young women in engineering and technology education
20 sze. 15:00 CEST SEFI@work: Water ethics and responsible engineering
10 sze. 14:30 CET SEFI@work: Workshop: Participatory tech assessment in engineering education
16 k. 13:00 CET SEFI@work: Engineering Skills Session 1: “Engineering skill sets across Europe”
Az időzónában feltüntetett időpontok: Brussels