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The Kind Yogi - formerly Wheldrake and Beyond Yoga

Online classes are lived streamed via Zoom. Your Zoom link will be in your post booking/confirmation email.
Please see below for prices.

£5.50 - PAYG
£22- Online Four Class Pass (To be purchased on the 1st of the month via bank transfer. Expires at the end of the month. Please email for bank details.)

Please note all prices are per person

About my classes:

As wonderful as yoga is, when it’s taught traditionally, it can actually do more harm than good and often causes injuries. Traditional yoga isn’t compatible with our modern day sitting based lifestyles, movement habits and posture. My classes are based on yoga that’s been adapted to suit our 21st century bodies, with physio and mobility based exercises and somatic movement influences. It’s not about doing the fanciest poses but doing yoga that’s going to keep you safe, strong and develop your own awareness about how YOUR body and mind work and what they need to stay healthy, strong, functional and content, no matter your age, shape or size. I get so excited when people come to classes and get that wonderful ‘ah ha’ moment of realisation or release, when they finally get rid of an ache or a pain, when they learn how to breathe or relax for the first time. 💛

Pénzvisszatérítési eljárás

A class must be cancelled with at least FOUR hours’ notice prior to the class start time. Pay as you go classes will be held for seven days where the individual may attend another class that has a space available within the 7 day period. Booking for this class is essential. Classes cancelled with less than FOUR hours notice will not be held for seven days or refunded.