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Kirsty Hall - Restorative Movement Teacher

Welcome to the booking system. Here you can book into any session with teachers Kirsty, Sabrina or Laura - and retrieve your booking details at any time. Filter the teacher using the buttons.

Kirsty Sabrina Laura Workshops and Retreats Pilates Group Mat Classes
From 22 Jun 2024
June, 2024
22 Sat 8:30am BST
9:25am BST
10:20am BST
24 Mon 1pm BST
4:30pm BST
5:30pm BST
6:30pm BST
25 Tue 10:35am BST
11:30am BST
12:25pm BST
26 Wed 8:30am BST
9:25am BST
5pm BST
6pm BST
7pm BST
27 Thu 9am BST
10am BST
11am BST
28 Fri 10:45am BST
Course: 1 date
Times shown in timezone: London