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InHER Piece, LLC

InHER Piece empowers women through firearms training and personal protection education without the intimidation of political, gender, or socioeconomic agendas. We utilize business alliances, community outreach, and corporate resources to ensure EVERY woman has access to the tools, education, and information necessary to safely exercise her Second Amendment rights.



Discussion Group

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Refund policy

Please do not book a course until and unless you are committed to training during the date and time selected. Due to the nature of our business, training fees are non-refundable. Payments are final, irreversible, and non-transferable (unless E3 Personal Defense cancels the course).

Rescheduling may be considered only for emergencies with at least 48 hours notice. Only one transfer, if granted, is allowed per student per calendar year. "No shows" and late cancellations forfeit all transfer opportunities.