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Innovative workshops provide an opportunity for training in a group environment, online or in person regionally. Workshop sizes are limited to maximize the learning experience. Registration is per attendee so there is time for questions and discussion. If you would like to schedule training for a group at your organization or don’t see the topic you would like to cover, please review our training brochures and contact with questions or for a custom training quote.

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June, 2019
5 Wed 10am - 11am Hot Topic: Polaris Authority Control Basics
12 Wed 2 days Managing Polaris Cataloging
2 Tue 4 days Authority Control
9 Tue 4 days Sierra System Coordinator Basics with ASAA
16 Tue 2 days Introduction to Sierra SQL
17 Wed 2 days Sierra Reports and Statistics for System Coordinators
18 Thu 2 days Advanced Sierra SQL
23 Tue 2 days Sierra Create Lists
24 Wed 2 days Managing Polaris Acquisitions
30 Tue 10am - 1pm Better Call Number Reporting
6 Tue 3 days Load Profile Training - Denver, CO
4 days Cataloging Essentials Bootcamp Series (All 4 Sessions - $100 discount)
11am - 1pm Cataloging Essentials Bootcamp - Session 1: Bibliographic Description
7 Wed 2 days Sierra ERM – Electronic Resource Management
13 Tue 11am - 1pm Cataloging Essentials Bootcamp - Session 2: Encoding & Modeling
20 Tue 11am - 1pm Cataloging Essentials Bootcamp - Session 3: Subject Schema
27 Tue 11am - 1pm Cataloging Essentials Bootcamp - Session 4: Classification & Call Number Reporting
10 Tue 4 days Managing Sierra Technical Services
16 Mon 2 days Introduction to Polaris SQL
5 days Polaris SQL Series (All 3 topics - $350 discount)
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