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July, 2018
10 Tue 2 days Introduction to Sierra SQL
11 Wed 4 days Authority Control
12 Thu 4 days Mindful Leadership Bootcamp Series (All 4 Sessions - $100 discount)
9am - 11am Introduction to Sierra RESTful APIs
10am - 12pm Mindful Leadership Bootcamp - Session 1: What's at Stake? What's my Stake?
17 Tue 2 days 1-2-3 : Steps to clean up and optimize your Sierra/Millennium Database
19 Thu 10am - 12pm Mindful Leadership Bootcamp - Session 2: Answering the Call: My Leadership Opportunity using the Everything DiSC Management assessment
24 Tue 2 days Advanced Sierra SQL
10am - 12pm Hot Topic: Metadata Transformation Basics
26 Thu 10am - 12pm Mindful Leadership Bootcamp - Session 3:Assess the landscape: Using Stakeholder Engagement to Address Collaboration and Conflict
31 Tue 1 day Creating Location Code Hierarchies
2 Thu 10am - 12pm Mindful Leadership Bootcamp - Session 4: Plan for the Future: Bringing it All Together
7 Tue 2 days Load Profile Refresher
2 days Sierra System Coordinator Basics with ASAA
5am - 7am Introduction to Sierra RESTful APIs
9 Thu 1 day Sierra Reports and Statistics for System Coordinators
14 Tue 2 days Hot Topic: Engagement Basics--Sessions 1 & 2
4 days Sierra System Coordinator Basics with ASAA
10am - 12pm Hot Topic: Engagement Basics--Session 1
20 Mon 2 days Introduction to Polaris SQL
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Introduction to Sierra SQL

Tuesday, 10 July, 2018   2 days
Innovative’s Virtual Classroom


This workshop will give you the tools you need to start working with your Sierra SQL database. We will review the basics of the Sierra PostgreSQL database schema, how to connect to a database, using SQL syntax to form basic queries, and how to interact with Sierra database.

Prerequisites:Sierra user account on your system with Sierra Direct SQL Access enabled with access to your Sierra Database Server. Download and connect to PGAdmin III.

Audience:Beginners to Sierra SQL

Duration: 6... [Read more]

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    July 10-11 sessions are held from 9AM-12PM PT both days