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Authority Control

Tuesday, 2 July '19   4 days
Innovative’s Virtual Classroom


This workshop for Millennium/Sierra users offers libraries detailed training on authority control. Topics covered are applicable to libraries which do all their authority work in-house as well as those using (or planning to use) a vendor. Libraries from a small single-site library to a multi-type library consortium will benefit. Discussions will range from general ones, such as why authority control is important, to an in depth review of the headings reports, and conclude with discussion of the future of authority work in a linked data bibliographic world.

Description: Session 1, Principles and practice of authority work – Learn the basics of authority work, including the structure of authority records and authority files, MARC for authorities, and the relationship between authority and bibliographic records. This session will also cover the reasons for and benefits of implementing authority control as well as some special topics such as working with fictitious and undifferentiated names.

Description: Session 2, Authority control in Sierra/Millennium, part 1 – Learn about how Millennium and Sierra indexes and uses authority records, how to use the authority control tools in the cataloging mode, using global update for changing headings, and how to manage fictitious and undifferentiated names. This session includes detailed information on how to interpret and manage the basic headings reports and will explore these reports in the participants’ systems.

Description: Session 3, Authority control in Sierra/Millennium, part 2 – Learn about Automatic Authority Control Processing and how to interpret and manage the reports it generates. Participants will explore these reports in their own systems. This session also covers working with an authority control vendor, the services they offer and reports they provide, and how to use field protection tools.

Description: Session 4, The changing landscape for authority work – Learn about the forces driving the development of authorities as we move toward identity management, including FRBR, the publication of the Library Reference Model, the RDA 3R project rewriting RDA, LC’s BIBFRAME linked data platform, and Innovative’s own developing linked data tools. This session will discuss the new fields in authority and bibliographic records emanating from these new codes and models and their effect on the Headings Reports in Millennium and Sierra.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of cataloging and MARC. Familiarity with Create Lists, Data Exchange, and Global Update functions in either the Sierra or Millennium environments.

Audience: Cataloging or other staff responsible for authority control and/or database maintenance

Presenter Details
Martha Rice Sanders

Martha Rice Sanders is a Senior Consultant at Innovative specializing in training and consulting services on metadata, authority control, and electronic resource management, both within and beyond the ILS. Martha joined Innovative in 2016 after working in academic libraries and library consortia for over 3 decades. She has presented at conferences on authority work and electronic resource management. Currently, she currently serves as the chair of the ALCTS/LITA Authority Control Interest Group and as the Sky River representative to the PCC Policy Committee..



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Available until Mon 1 Jul '19 12am
Four online sessions from 10AM–1PM PT (1PM-4PM ET) each day.

Session 1 - Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Session 2 - Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Session 3 - Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Session 4 - Tuesday, July 23, 2019



Innovative’s Virtual Classroom