Changes Antenatal Courses - FREE for all Sandwell residents

Changes Antenatal is a FREE four week course for all Sandwell parents.

You are more than welcome to ask someone to come with you to the course. If you would like your partner, a family member or a friend to come along, just book two tickets.

The four sessions are:

  1. Our growing baby: covers how your baby is growing and what you can do to have a healthy pregnancy
  2. Looking after us: covers family life with a new baby and the importance of a support network
  3. The birth: session led by a trained midwife, covers key information about labour and birth
  4. Caring for our baby: is a practical session teaching essential newborn baby care skills

The Changes Antenatal courses are delivered in partnership with local children’s centres:

Greets Green Children’s Centre in West Bromwich is operated and managed by Action for Children.
Cape Hill Children’s Centre in Smethwick is operated and managed by Action for Children.
Springfield Children’s Centre in Rowley is operated and managed by Murray Hall Community Trust.
Tipton Children’s Centre in Tipton is operated and managed by Murray Hall Community Trust.

Sandwell MBC will share the information you have entered onto the electronic booking form with the children’s centre running the Changes Antenatal course you have booked onto so that they can create an attendance list. The children’s centre may use this information to contact you to give you more details about the course, to check your attendance or to contact you if the course is cancelled.

The Data Controller for the information held about you for this purpose is Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council, Sandwell Council House, Freeth Street, Oldbury B69 3DB. Phone 0121 569 2200.

The Data Protection Officer can be contacted at the above address and through email at
The information on this electronic form, where you have given us consent to use, will ONLY be used for that purpose and for no other. Where you have not provided us with consent, the information will not be used by the council.

The information provided under consent will only be used for the purposes outlined on this electronic form. However, when a legal duty is placed upon the council then the council will consider the sharing of your information in accordance with that duty (e.g. police etc.).
At any point, you have the right to withdraw your consent by contacting the Parent Support Team

For further information in relation to how the council will use your personal information, including how long it will be retained for, please see the council’s full privacy notice at

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