Zumba Education Specialist™ Hender Corredor-Escalante

Hender Corredor-Escalante is a Venezuelan also an International Zumba® Education Specialist & Presenter at Zumba® Fitness, travelling the world teaching instructor trainings & masterclasses.
Here you will find booking pages for his various events.


Da 24 lug 2021
luglio, 2021
26 lun 18:30 BST Zumba®️ Class at PALMER HALL - Class MONDAY 26th July 2021
27 mar 20:00 BST Zumba®️ Class at NEW COLLEGE, SWINDON - We are BACK! TUESDAY 27th JULY 2021
29 gio 18:30 BST Zumba®️ Class at HOLLY TRINITY, SHAW - THURSDAY 29th July 2021
22 dom 15:00 BST THE BEATLES Extravaganza Zumba®️ GOLD class in SWINDON with ZES™ Hender Corredor-Escalante
4 sab 16:30 BST NEWPORT - Zumba®️ Fitness Masterclass With ZES™ Hender Corredor-Escalante
11 sab 17:30 BST THE BEATLES Zumba®️ GOLD THEME class in SCUNTHORPE with ZES™ Hender Corredor-Escalante
12 dom 18:00 BST Zumba®️ Fitness Masterclass in MIDDLESBROUGH, UK with ZES™ Hender Corredor-Escalante
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