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STELLAR - Class Booking System

Don't forget to take advantage of our discounted 'Class Pass':

  • Select a package under the 'Class Passes' tab below.
  • Add at least 1 class date from the 'Schedule' before checkout.
  • You may add up to the amount of the 'Class Pass' selected.
  • If only booking 1 class with a 'Class Pass', you can book the remaining dates using the pass via your login.
  • If you did not make a login prior to booking, a link will be sent to you via email upon completion.
  • Class passes are not valid on 'Stretch & Flexibility' or 'Open Play' and expires 28 days from date of first class booked.

(Please remember to turn up on time and ready for your class start time, we reserve the right to turn away any late comers.)

Politica di rimborso



Any refunds must be requested via email at We reserve the right to not refund any booking made under any circumstance as we see fit. Refunds will be taken on a case by case basis. Refunds only apply to singular classes and do not apply to ‘Class Packs’.

Please note we will NOT refund OR transfer ANY booking if you turn up late for your class and are turned away by your instructor due to missing the whole or part of the warm up. It is your responsibility to ensure you are on time and ready for your class BEFORE the due start time. If this if your first class with us please ensure you have followed the instructions on your booking email.


This can be done via your user login on the booking system. Transfers must be done within 24 hours via the booking system by you, we will not be responsible for any lost bookings due to the 24 hour cancellation policy or any other reason. Class packs are available for the time stated on the booking system (Usually 28 days), you must use all your classes within this time or they will be lost. Singular bookings are available for transfer within the 28 days of the initial class booked.