At Jellybeans@HOME you get :

• ONE weekly interactive Zoom class (either a Family Beans or a BabyBeans class depending on your booking) where we can sing, make music, chat and enjoy seeing each other. As
always, these classes fully support the EYFS ensuring your little beans are still learning through musical fun.

• ONE pre-recording of the week's class where I share activities and music that you can easily copy at home to support your little bean’s development. As you will quickly discover Zoom classes are live, interactive times where I react to what I see the little beans are enjoying, just as I would in class, so it is very rare that a Zoom class follows 'the plan'
• Membership of our friendly Jellybeans closed facebook group

Content is uploaded as available ie once a livestream has ended, the recording is uploaded and then the content will be available to watch until the end of the 4 week 'term'
Just think, you can watch when you want, for how long you want, as many times as you want and press play/pause whenever you need too!

**Family Beans - perfect for confidently mobile little babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, (and big brothers and sisters)
**BabyBeans - perfect for tiny little babies who are yet to work out how to move (and siblings who want to join in with their teddies & dollies)

From 14 Aug 2020
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