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Little Beans

Welcome to Little Beans, home of specialist multi sensory classes created with love to nurture, enrich & inspire the lives of parents & babies during the first 1001 days of life.

These are baby groups that you will love & enjoy just as much as your baby because at Little Beans, you matter just as much as your baby

Based in rural Lincolnshire, in beautiful, sunfilled, Covid secure buildings in either Leasingham or Cranwell. just outside Sleaford and an easy drive from Lincoln, Grantham & Boston, Little Beans creates multi sensory classes for tiny babies from 6 weeks +

All the classes are currently led by the creator of Little Beans (and the award winning Jellybeans Music), Elizabeth, who is an expert in early years music and a classically trained musician. She is also an experienced Montessori Teacher, an experienced and qualified Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Teacher and accredited Tree Babies Guide

Included in ALL class fees is membership of a closed Facebook group and class WhatsApp groups.

Little Beans does not offer one off Free Trial classes but instead, there is the New Beans Guarantee. If after 2 weeks, your class is just not right for you, I will refund the remainder of the unused, prepaid sessions in full

Baby Massage & Nurture - Suitable for babies from 6 weeks - pre crawling

Upper age given for guidance only, you know how wriggly your little bean is

Class duration : 60 minutes
This workshop, run over 5 weeks, is designed to teach you the fundamentals of a top to toe baby massage routine. You will learn skills that will help you feel confident in soothing and settling your little one and that will help to relieve colic and help him/her to sleep. These workshops are very relaxed, cosy and baby led, you'll never need to worry if your baby needs feeding, changing or is just having a moment. Taught by a qualified Baby Massage teacher, the cost of the course includes a bottle of pure organic Tiddley Pom Massage Oil to use both in class and at home, beautiful At Home support materials, both written and video, refreshments plus membership of a closed facebook & What'sApp groups for ongoing support

Baby Yoga Suitable for babies from 12 weeks to pre crawling

Upper age range for guidance only. You know how wriggly your little bean is

Class Duration : 60 minutes
An ideal companion class to both Baby Massage and Nurture class & Discovery Beans, Baby Yoga will help to strengthen your baby's bones & muscle tone and help him/her develop coordination and sensory-motor skills. It is a very relaxed, baby led class and class numbers are kept small. The class also includes gentle postnatal stretches and mummy relax time designed to give you some self-care and nurturing that you deserve. Taught by a qualified Baby Yoga teacher, the cost of the course includes weekly refreshments plus membership of closed Facebook & What'sApp groups for ongoing support

Baby & Toddler Development Classes

Stage 1 :Discovery Beans (6 weeks - 6 months/confidently sitting)

Class Duration : 45 minutes
Discovery Beans is a multi sensory baby class which combines elements of all my favourite things, music, baby massage, sensory play and baby yoga, to create a class that is relaxed, full of happiness and creativity with a gentle energy.

Stage 2 : Discovery Beans (6 months/confidently sitting to 14 months/trying to toddle, if sooner, it is not a class for walkers)

Class Duration : 45 minute class

Discovery Beans is a multi sensory class for curious, increasingly independent little beans. It is fun, relaxed, full of energy and combines music, song, baby yoga, heuristic and sensory play.

Stage 3 : Music Beans (Crawling - 4 yrs)

Class Duration : 45 minute class
A multi age multi sensory class, perfect for everyone to sing, twirl, swirl, bounce, laugh and wriggle. A combination of music, movement & sensory play it is full of action songs, nursery rhymes and instruments. It is a little, high energy haven of happiness in a busy life

Tree Babies

Tree Babies is currently hibernating until further notice
Class Duration : 60 minute class
Tree Babies is a very different 'baby group' - it is a gentle and mindful experience for you and your baby in nature. Babies must be worn in carriers or slings and I'm afraid at this point, it is not suitable for toddling/walking little beans. It is a time to connect with your baby, with your community and with nature and a time where nothing has to be done, nothing has to be achieved, it is a time for you to be just you.
This class is booked weekly

From 12 Aug 2022
September, 2022
6 Tue Course: 6 dates Discovery Beans Stage 2 with Amy
Course: 6 dates Discovery Beans : Stage 1 with Amy
Course: 6 dates NEW Discovery Beans : Stage 1 with Amy
12 Mon Course: 6 dates MusicBeans
10:45am BST WAITING LIST MusicBeans - Amy
13 Tue Course: 6 dates RAF Coningsby : Family Beans with Megan
Course: 6 dates RAF Coningsby : BabyBeans with Megan
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