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I’ve always been fascinated by the physical motion of writing – that pen dancing along the line, laying ink on the page as if by magic. At the same time calligraphy, to me, is a vehicle for expressing feelings, exploring meanings graphically and for conveying a message by painting with words.
I was lucky enough to have benefitted from training in traditional arts, spending 3 years at Reigate School of Art learning calligraphy, heraldry, illumination and bookbinding.

My main inspiration comes from tools and techniques – I’m intrigued by ancient methods which I experiment with and then apply in more contemporary ways, but I also enjoy exploring the huge range of newly developed tools and mediums to see how they might be used for lettering.

Another motivation is coming up with new skills and processes for my regular students – enabling them to develop an independent approach to learning and a personal creativity. I offer online and in person workshops

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