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Neurodiversity, Mental Health, and the Impact of the Workplace

Tuesday, 19 September '23   9:30am – 10am BST
Neurodiversity, Mental Health, and the Impact of the Workplace


As an employer, you understand the importance of a successful and thriving workforce. However, did you know that mental health challenges can significantly impact individuals in the workplace and in turn, the workplace can also have an impact?
In this webinar, our expert speaker will explore the link between neurodiversity, mental health, and the impact the workplace can have and how they can impact work. You'll learn about the unique challenges that neurodivergent individuals may face when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace. You'll also gain insights into practical strategies for supporting employee’s, supporting the organisation, and optimising success.
Additionally, our speaker will share tips for creating a more supportive work environment for neurodivergent individuals. You'll learn about accommodations that may benefit neurodivergent employees, such as flexible work arrangements and communication accommodations. You'll also learn about the importance of fostering a workplace culture that prioritises mental health and inclusion.
Whether you're an employer looking to optimise your workforce or an employee seeking support for your mental health, this webinar is a must-attend. Register now to learn how to promote productivity, support neurodiversity, and prioritise mental health in the workplace!