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Handmade in Cumbria

Welcome to KAH Ceramics booking page. Here you can book your classes and become a master potter!

From 27 May 2024
May, 2024
28 Tue 6pm BST
31 Fri 10:30am BST
3 Mon 6pm BST
4 Tue 6pm BST
7 Fri 10:30am BST
10 Mon 6pm BST
11 Tue 6pm BST
14 Fri 10:30am BST
17 Mon 6pm BST
18 Tue 6pm BST
24 Mon 6pm BST
25 Tue 6pm BST
28 Fri 10:30am BST
24 Wed 10am BST
1pm BST
3pm BST
31 Wed 1pm BST
3pm BST
14 Wed 10am BST
1pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London