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Katie’s Pilates – unique, fun workouts that fuses fitness techniques from Pilates and Body Conditioning to help tone, chisel and define the whole body. And get this…. you don’t need any Pilates experience, the classes welcome ALL levels and you will be pushed individually depending on your level. Katie's matwork classes take you and your body through a series of controlled, intelligently choreographed exercises designed to strengthen and tone the muscles, mobilise the joints, increase movement efficiency, build stamina, improve balance, focus on good posture and ease back pain.

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CURRENT OFFER: 7 classes for the price of 5! Book 6 classes upfront (select 6 different dates, any six dates and you will automatically get £9 off at checkout - then - send me a message to get your code, to book the 7th class for free)

H A L F P R I C E C L A S S E S for NHS and Frontline workers. Email Katie your work ID number

H O M E V I D E O S can be purchased here: www.ktspilates.com under ‘Online Tutorials’



  1. Download Zoom - the app is free
  2. Create a Zoom account. IMPORTANT: the email address that you use for the account should be the same one that you give us on Bookwhen
  3. Book on for a class - make sure that you provide us with the email address you used for your Zoom account
  4. You will get an email at least an hour before your class starts. This email will contain information about the class / time etc. IMPORTANT: on this email there will also be a meeting ID and password that is needed to log into the class that you have registered for.
  5. Alternatively on the email, there should also be a link that you can simply click on and it should take you straight to the class stream
  6. When you’re ready for the class, click the ‘join’ icon (under the meet & chat icon) Type in your meeting ID and password This should take you directly to the class - SEE YOU ON THE MAT

PS. Please keep the sound muted so the class can operate with the least background disturbance.

WAITING LIST - please do join the waiting list if your selected class is full - you will be notified through email/text message if a space becomes available.

DISCOUNT - If you book six classes upfront you will save £9 - make sure you select six different dates BEFORE checking out to pay (refer to my website for prices www.ktspilates.com)

EDIT THE DATE OF YOUR CLASS - You have up until 6.30pm the day BEFORE your class to edit the date - to do this, log into your account, go to 'Bookings', on the left hand side against the class you want to change and click on 'edit', then 'change ticket' and select the new date and press 'save'.

CANCELLATION POLICY - Please note you have until 6.30pm the day before your chosen class to change the date if needed. However, if you have to cancel on the same day you have a booked class, there will be no refund - but please do cancel your slot on the system so Katie's Pilates can then notify someone on the waiting list.

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April, 2020
8 Wed 9:30am - 10:30am LIVE Pilates (POSTNATAL also) with Katie
1pm - 1:45pm LIVE Lunchtime Pilates with Sam
3pm - 4pm LIVE Over 60s Pilates with Lexi
6:30pm - 7:30pm LIVE Core & Abs only Pilates with Bridget
7:40pm - 8:40pm LIVE Yogalates with Bridget
8pm - 9pm LIVE Pilates with Katie (Wednesday)
9 Thu 10am - 10:45am LIVE Pilates (POSTNATAL also) with Sam
7pm - 8pm LIVE Dynamic Pilates with Katie
10 Fri 10am - 10:30am LIVE KIDS PILATES with Katie (parents included)
1pm - 1:45pm LIVE Lunchtime Pilates & Stretch with Bridget
4pm - 5pm LIVE PRENATAL Pilates with Katie
11 Sat 10am - 11am LIVE Dynamic Pilates with Bianca
12 Sun 9:45am - 10:30am LIVE Sunday SWEAT Cardio with Sam
10:30am - 11:15am LIVE Pilates for ALL with Katie
13 Mon 7:30am - 8:15am LIVE Morning Vinyasa Yoga with Hannah
12pm - 12:45pm LIVE Lunchtime Pilates with Bianca
6:30pm - 7:30pm LIVE Pilates with Bianca
7pm - 8pm LIVE - PRENATAL YOGALATES (non prenatal can join also!) with Hannah
8pm - 9pm LIVE Pilates with Bianca
14 Tue 7:30am - 8:15am LIVE Morning Stretch & Pilates with Bianca
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