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Lady Bug Musik community based early childhood music education classes

We have known intuitively for generations that music benefits even the youngest members of society. Now, thanks to lots of research on the importance of the developing child during the first five years of life, we are beginning to have scientific evidence to reinforce what we have suspected: Music does make a difference.

To book into a class:

  1. Select class time from schedule;
  2. Select the course ticket: either single child or multi child;
  3. Go to shopping trolley at the top right hand side of the page;
  4. Enter your email address, and follow the ensuing prompts;
  5. Make payment and your place will be reserved;

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of enrolment.
(If the class is already full, it will be unavailable to join, so try another class time to join.)

From 9 Feb 2023
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