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Laughter Tots Chester , Warrington & Lymm

All about Laughter Tots…

We thought we’d share with you all a little bit more insight into what are classes are all about for those of you who are new to our page and keen to hear all about what fun we have in our classes .

Every single one of our Classes are different each week, with a different Magical theme

We create a special keepsake hand and footprint craft at every class for you to take home and treasure.

In keeping with our theme we have an engaging sensory session, along with music, we use a range of Sensory lights, sensory equipment, movement and lots and lots of bubbles.

Then we finish off with exploratory play. We combine Messy and Non Messy play for your babies to explore exciting & new textures, smells and for some taste 🙈

If there’s a time you don’t wanna do messy play, that’s not a problem, as your sensory equipment will be there to explore for longer! ☺️

Our classes are suitable for newborns once they are past the sleepy phase right up to confidently walking, but don’t worry if your little one takes steps after booking or during our classes

You can also find us on Facebook (Laughter Tots Chester & Warrington) or Instagram (LaughterTotsChester)

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

Sammy - Laughter Tots Chester & Warrington

From 14 Jun 2024
June, 2024
14 Fri 10:15am BST
Course: 6 dates
11:35am BST
Course: 6 dates
18 Tue Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
19 Wed 10:15am BST
Course: 5 dates
11:35am BST
Course: 5 dates
20 Thu Course: 5 dates
Course: 5 dates
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