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Training Schedule - Autumn 2023 - Summer 2024

Our programme of events is designed to support schools in realising their distinctively Christian vision. More details on the vision and aims of the DBE, and specific details relating to each event can be found on the full CPD document using the link below:

All general details (time/location/cost) of our meetings and events can be viewed and booked in the schedule list below. Please consider who has access to your bookwhen account when signing up and booking events, as details and reminders will be sent to the email address liked with the account. If you need to cancel within 2 weeks or obtain online access details, this all needs to be done through the system rather than emailing DBE staff.

Many of our events will support practitioners in community schools as well, if in doubt do contact us at or

From 13 Apr 2024
April, 2024
15 Mon 4pm BST
17 Wed 4pm BST
23 Tue 1pm BST
1 Wed 6pm BST
8 Wed 4pm BST
9 Thu 1:30pm BST
22 Wed 1pm BST
23 Thu 9:30am BST
5 Wed 1pm BST
11 Tue 9am BST
12 Wed 9:30am BST
1:45pm BST
4pm BST
6pm BST
20 Thu 10am BST
26 Wed 4pm BST
3 Wed 6pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London