Welcome to Little City Chelmsford

Your Little City adventure starts here!

We can't wait for you to come and enjoy! A little insight into our sessions before you book:

After months of being unable to run sessions, we are delighted to welcome you back to enjoy roleplay with your littlies in the city. There are of course, some adaptions we have put in place temporarily which will not only keep you and your little ones safe but even enhance the experience you’ve come to know and love.

Session length and cleaning break:
We have shaved off 15 minutes session time to reduce to 1 hour. This will allow us a 45 minute break to air and clean the city ready for session 2. During the clean we will disinfect all large surfaces, all toys and any that aren’t easily cleaned in the timeframe we have purchased a whole new set to swap in. So if you’re attending session 1 or 2 you can have peace of mind that the city is sparkly clean and safe.

Capacity and space to explore:
Following government advice, our new temporary capacity will be 40 people maximum. Only one adult maximum per paying child will be allowed however there will be huge benefits reducing our children and extra adults, as there will be a great deal more space and areas to choose from.

Babies and non walkers:
We love and encourage you to bring your babies and non-walkers along with their siblings and there is no additional charge. We want Little City to be a space that both younger and older siblings can enjoy. They are free along with a paying sibling and no ticket is needed.

Sparkly clean hands and toys:
We will be placing hand sanitising stations at the entrance to all our sessions and providing anti-bac wipes and cloths around the city for you to use if you wish. We ask that you and your child(ren) wash your hands before entering the session and regularly throughout the event as we recognise that good hand hygiene is one of our best germ protectors. This will also act as a valuable learning experience for your child. If your child ‘mouths’ any of our toys (we appreciate they might like to try the wooden cakes and ice creams!) please place the item in our ‘scrub tub’ when they’re finished with it so we can quickly and easily clean and disinfect it ready for other children to use and enjoy.

Lets keep the space for exploration:
We request that you don’t bring pushchairs or buggy’s into the session and minimise the use of car seats etc to bring babies in so we can maximise the space for movement round. If you are bringing a baby into the session please use slings/carriers where possible. If you are walking to your local session, most of our venues have foyers where you can safely leave your pushchair and remove your belongings.

Welcome information:
On arrival to our session, we will welcome you in and direct you to a designated area for all bags and personal belongings – we’ll ask you to keep items at least 1m away from others’ bags and items to avoid cross-contamination. Your items will never be stored or placed in a separate room, we want you to enjoy the event and be able to store your items safely without carrying them around.

We can physically distance but still be social:
Please observe the 2m social distancing guidelines when attending Little City. We know and appreciate that little children will not comprehend the guidelines that we’ve all come to understand, but we ask that our parents and carers support their little ones closely with this, helping them see where others are and where they can explore next. You have always been fantastic at supporting your little one’s imaginations and we know together, we can run sessions that are fun and safe.

We can't wait to see your faces:
As of the 8th August, the government has made is mandatory for all adult members of the public to wear a 'face covering' in settings including community centres and village halls as well as an extended list of other public indoor spaces. Whilst we'd much prefer to see all of your lovely face, we ask that all adults who attend our sessions wear their face covering whilst exploring with their child, who luckily don't have to wear one. If you're enjoying your coffee or snack, you can of course take it off whilst sat at the side with your little one. Whilst it isn't mandatory for us as staff to wear a face covering, we are choosing to opt for a visor so we are taking every precaution whilst still providing a smiley, welcoming environment to visit.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions during an event please speak to the Little City team member during your session.

If you have any questions about our procedures in our sessions, please let me know: lucy@littlecityuk.com, 07823322296.

General information:

The price listed is per child and gives entry to our city and all the bays available.

Term-time sessions are limited to under 5's only, this is because the equipment and toys are all suited for pre-schoolers, and the height of the equipment has been set for that age range.

We welcome children up to age 6 during school holidays.

Tea & coffee is available for the grown-ups, this is just £1.50 per cup: we take card and cash payments for snacks and drinks. Please do not bring your own cups for us to use for hot drinks; (we used to like it but now it’s not so helpful!) – all our cups and their lids are compostable and we’ve got a handy compost bin for you to add them to.

We expect and encourage full adult-participation at our sessions. Whilst we want the children to interact with each other (and believe us we will get back to this), we know how much they love to interact with you and this gives you a great opportunity to start lots of lovely conversations and explore different experiences with your child.

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