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Little Dots

Little Dots offers a variety of parent baby and classes in Bradwell, Gorleston and Filby. These classes are designed for families with babies and toddlers (check age specified for booking)

We offer Baby Massage and Baby Yoga 1 and 2 (mobile and non mobile) Bookable courses £30 for a 4 week course.

We also offer Little Dots Sensory Play for babies (3 months to 18 months) and Toddler Sensory ( for ages 1 and 2 year) courses in Bradwell and Filby.

Little Dots Play Group (birth to 3) drop in classes are £4 per session at Filby Village Hall, Wednesday at 10.50 am term time.

Little Dots was created in 2019 after the closure of children's centres. Kat has over 14 years of perinatal experience working with children and families and providing enriching play and bonding experiences for both parents and babies.

Kat is Certified Infant Massage and Baby Yoga Instructors (CIMI), having trained with International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) and are Certified Birthlight Yoga Instructors.

From 13 Jun 2024
June, 2024
17 Mon 10:50am BST
19 Wed 9:20am BST
10:50am BST
24 Mon 10:50am BST
26 Wed 9:20am BST
10:50am BST
29 Mon 9:45am BST
7 Wed 9:45am BST
1:30pm BST
12 Mon 9:45am BST
14 Wed 9:45am BST
4 Wed 9:20am BST
9 Mon 9:20am BST
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