Little Love Harts

All Courses now open for booking! 

💜Beginners Baby Massage (4 weeks - pre crawlers)
💜Learn, Stretch & Play (older babies & toddlers)

💜Baby Yoga (8 weeks -pre crawlers)
💜Parent & Baby Support Group (new born - 18months approx) held at Myland Parish Halls

💜Nurture & Sling (newborn - 18 months approx)
A brand new and exciting course, offering a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature and introduce the babies to nature. 

(can be booked at a time and date to suit you and your birth partner)

What we do in our classes both face to face and online via Zoom;

I am committed to promoting the well-being of parents and babies through the provision of educational and supportive classes and services, becoming a parent is a rewarding but often overwhelming experience.

I also want to empower all pregnant and birthing persons to have calm, informed and empowered birth via hypnobirthing!

My aim is to support parents to find their way of parenting their baby, by trusting their instincts and giving them the tools to understand and bond with their baby through hypnobirthing, baby massage, baby yoga and so much more in a safe and loving environment.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions via or visit us on Facebook or Instagram.

From 24 Sep 2021
February, 2021
26 Fri 365 days 💛FREE Zoom 45 min Hypnobirthing Taster Session
28 Tue Course: 3 dates 👶🏽Beginners Baby Massage 👶🏿
Course: 3 dates 🧘🏽‍♀️Online Baby Yoga👶🏻
Course: 4 dates 👦🏼👶🏻Learn, Stretch, Play - Yoga & Movement for Older Babies & Young Toddlers 👧🏾👶🏽
29 Wed 9:45am BST Parent & Baby Support Groups at Myland Parish Halls ☕️🤱🏾🍼
30 Thu Course: 3 dates 👶🏿Beginners Baby Massage👶🏻 (THURSDAY)
11:30am BST 🍃Nurture & Sling 🍃
6 Wed 9:45am BST Parent & Baby Support Groups at Myland Parish Halls ☕️🤱🏾🍼
7 Thu 11:30am BST 🍃Nurture & Sling 🍃
13 Wed 9:45am BST Parent & Baby Support Groups at Myland Parish Halls ☕️🤱🏾🍼
14 Thu 11:30am BST 🍃Nurture & Sling 🍃
19 Tue 9:30am BST 🎃Spooktacular Halloween Baby Massage Party 🎃
20 Wed 9:45am BST ☕️🍼🎃Spooktacular Parent & Baby Support Group Halloween Party☕️🍼🎃
21 Thu 9:30am BST 🎃Spooktacular Halloween Baby Yoga Party 🎃
11:30am BST 🍃Nurture & Sling 🍃
2 Tue Course: 5 dates 👶🏿Baby Massage 👶🏽
Course: 5 dates 👶🏽Beginners Baby Yoga👶🏿
4 Thu Course: 5 dates Beginners Baby Massage Thursday 👶🏽👶🏿
Course: 5 dates Beginners Baby Yoga Thursday 🧘🏽‍♀️
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