From 18 Sep 2020
October, 2020
5 Mon 6pm - 7pm Hyde Park: A History of Trees - Greg Packman
19 Mon 6pm - 7pm George London and the Brompton Park Nursery, 1681-1714 - Dr Sally Jeffery
2 Mon 6pm - 7pm The use of plants in the home in the 17th century - Margaret Willes
16 Mon 6pm - 7pm “To promote his Majesties purpose”: Joseph Banks and his Global Botanical Projects, 1770-1820 - Professor Jordan Goodman
30 Mon 6pm - 7pm Pulhamite in London 1820-2020: How one man's rocky creation became the fashionable garden feature of the Victorian and Edwardian eras - Valerie Christman
14 Mon 6pm - 7pm Wentworth Castle and Wentworth Woodhouse: Georgian rivals united through 21st-century restoration and public access - Dr Patrick Eyres
January, 2021
11 Mon 6pm - 7pm Biodiversity & the Wild West End Project: Encouraging Birds, Bees & Bats into the Heart of London - Tom Gray
25 Mon 6pm - 7pm The Integration of Derek Jarman’s Garden - Professor Michael Charlesworth
8 Mon 6pm - 7pm Too Young to be Loved? Post-war designed landscapes of London and environs - Karen Fitzsimon
22 Mon 6pm - 7pm Transatlantic Slavery’s Long Reach: The impacts of direct and indirect slavery connections on eighteenth century estate gardens and parks in Britain - Dr Susanne Seymour
8 Mon 6pm - 7pm Dinosaurs, Italian Terraces and Future Sustainability: Crystal Palace Park - Kathryn Whitmore
22 Mon 6pm - 7pm What is Wild? - Dr Kim Wilkie
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