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London Gong and Lady HaHa Booking page for Gong baths and Laughter Yoga events in London and Glastonbury.

Gong bath and sound meditation, Mindfulness and Meditation, Happiness and Resilience and Laughter Yoga team building events in London UK and Glastonbury.

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From 17 Apr 2024
January, 2024
1 Mon 365 days
18 Thu 6:15pm BST
20 Sat 3:45pm BST
5:10pm BST
6:45pm BST
25 Thu 7:15pm BST
4 Sat 4pm BST
6:45pm BST
9 Thu 6:15pm BST
18 Sat 4pm BST
6:45pm BST
24 Fri 6:15pm BST
29 Wed 6:15pm BST
30 Thu 6:15pm BST
1 Sat 6:45pm BST
15 Sat 6:45pm BST
17 Sat 1 day
Times shown in timezone: London