Gong to sleep mp3 recording

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Wednesday, 29 December '21   365 days
Gong to sleep mp3 recording

Gong recording loop approximate 70 minutes to help you to get to sleep.

I have created this gong recording specifically to help with deep sleep. Ideal for anyone having problems sleeping for whatever reason, be it pain, insomnia or having a busy mind.

I've so far had really positive results from a handful of people who have used this meditation before bed. I've tweaked it and extended it to just over an hour.

The recording is £5 and for personal use. Ideal for a last-minute Christmas gift or a self care treat. 🙏❤️ This is an mp3 download. It's not a professional recording but it works so well for its purpose.

Once I have received payment I will send you a link to download the mp3 file to the email address you have provided.

Please note one purchase = license for one person. If you would like to purchase copies as gifts please see my gift vouchers.

To use, make sure you have switched off all phones so that you are not disturbed. This is a standard mp3 file which can be played from any device that plays mp3 format. Best to use an external speaker. Do not use in ear headphones and please play at a comfortable level, not too loud. This will play for just over an hour. Note there is not callback so you can just drift off to sleep.


After making payment, you will receive a link to download the mp3 file within 48 hours of payment.


Gong to sleep self care treat (personal use) mp3 recording
1 purchase = 1 license for one person. Please do not copy or share.
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