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London Sole Reflexology

Welcome to London Sole Reflexology, a mobile service offering Reflexology treatments and Indian Head Massage at your office or home with South London, Surrey and Southern Central London. For same day appointments please message or call me on 07815 190 669.

Scroll down to select the time/date for your appointment.

For mobile treatments I cover the following postcodes in South London and Surrey: SE19, SE21, SE24, SW2, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, SW15, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19, SW20, SM1, SM4, SM5, SM6, KT3, KT4, TW9, TW10, CR0, CR4 & CR7. Treatments are also available in parts of Central London via, and may be possible in other areas of London by prior agreement.

Reflexology, including Menopause Reflexology and Pregnancy Reflexology is a non-invasive, holistic complementary therapy which brings about a deep sense of relaxation. Through the use of specific massage techniques focused on the reflexes in your feet, reflexology aims to help restore and re-balance, and may promote a sense of well-being, improved mood and aid sleep.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is an award-winning technique which focuses on the lymphatic reflexes on the feet.

Indian Head Massage is a treatment focusing on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head; areas in which people often hold their tension. It is carried out without using oil, and you remain fully clothed throughout. Treatments including Indian Head Massage are offered from 2nd trimester onward if you are pregnant.

Booking Restrictions:

  • Treatments are aimed at adults but if booking for a minor (under 18) please specify when booking, and note that a parent or carer will need to be present throughout the treatment.
  • Home treatments are available within SE19, SE21, SE24, SE25, SW2, SW4, SW6, SW8, SW11, SW12, SW13, SW14, SW15, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19, SW20, KT3, KT4, SM1, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM6, CR0, CR4 and CR7, but potentially also in other postcodes by prior arrangement.
  • Please do not book a treatment to take place if you are suffering from a contagious condition, including athlete's foot
  • Other contraindications may also preclude treatment and include but are not restricted to: Cellulitis, Thrombosis/DVT, Significant Injury to the area I will be treating, Imminent Medical Tests or Procedures, an unstable Heart Condition, or if you recently started taking Warfarin, Athlete's Foot,

If a time on the schedule is close to the time that would work for you, but not quite right, please email me and I will try to accommodate your preferred time where possible.

Please note that you don't need to log in to book, you have the option to create a login once you have booked for the first time, but it is not compulsory unless you are purchasing a pass for multiple treatment. It will not be possible to book on this site after 8.00am on the day of the treatment, so if you wish to do so, would like to enquire about 30 minute treatments, or have any other questions before booking, please contact me by email: or via our instagram or facebook pages @LondonSoleReflexology.

I look forward to treating you!


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