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Welcome to LucyPole!

At LucyPole we believe that every person's body is beautiful, and we believe that Pole is For. Every. Body. We also think that every person can find benefits by taking part in Pole classes, and that Pole is a perfect way to learn to love every part of your body - your body is a unique and amazing thing! No-one is too heavy/too old/too unco-ordinated/too unfit/too inflexible to try Pole - be brave and book that first class!

Pole can help you to become stronger, more flexible, more co-ordinated and more balanced. It can help with weight loss, weight gain, confidence, depression and anxiety. Whatever your ailment, join us and feel at home. There is a person inside you that you REALLY want to be....let LucyPole help you find that inner superstar!

We keep our classes small, intimate and fun, and we like to know you all personally....we think that you can learn more and achieve more if you feel safe, secure and cared about.

We love feedback, ideas and suggestions, and our door is always open for conversation so .... email us and tell us what you're thinking!

From 29 May 2024
May, 2024
29 Wed 8:30pm BST
30 Thu 6:30pm BST
7:30pm BST
8:30pm BST
1 Sat 9:30am BST
10am BST
11am BST
4 Tue 7:30pm BST
5 Wed 12pm BST
6:30pm BST
7:30pm BST
8:30pm BST
6 Thu 6:30pm BST
7:30pm BST
8:30pm BST
8 Sat 9:30am BST
11 Tue 7:30pm BST
12 Wed 12pm BST
6:30pm BST
7:30pm BST
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