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Majestic's Party Booking's

Thank you for choosing Majestic Gymnastics for your child's party!

Our parties include the use of our BRAND NEW fully equipped gymnastics space!

The gym space is filled with high quality equipment including bouncy castle, soft play, and many gymnastic specific stations. Your hour in the gym is fully supervised by our qualified, experienced coaches allowing you to sit back and enjoy the party. The fun doesn't stop there! At the end of the party we include party games with prizes and your child’s very own disco.

Parties cater for up to a maximum of 40 children (birthday child and sibling/s are not included in numbers) and run every Saturday afternoon. Please select option according to your party size:

One hour in the gym for MAX CAPACITY 30 children: £180.00

One hour in the gym for MAX CAPACITY 40 children: £220.00

Booking Terms and Conditions:

  • Parties are paid in full upon booking. Please note this is non refundable.

  • There is no reduction in price if your number of children attending is less than the max capacity selected upon booking.

  • The children attending will be counted upon arrival. If your party numbers exceed your booking option you will be charged the additional cost.

  • NO PARTY CAN EXCEED THE MAX CAPACITY of children selected upon booking (this excludes birthday child and any sibling/s).

  • If for any reason you need to cancel your booking please contact us direct.

  • If the party booking has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances up to two weeks prior to your party date, we will try to accommodate a new party slot. However a transfer fee of £50.00 will be applied. This is subject to availability.

  • Any cancellations within two weeks of your party booking are non refundable.

  • If your booking is for two (or more) birthday children the parent making the booking shall be the first point of contact. We will only communicate with this parent to avoid miscommunication.

  • Adults are only permitted to attend a party when their child is aged 5 and under. Adults whose children are attending parties aged 6 and upwards are not permitted to enter the gym.

  • The party organiser must have emergency contact details for all children aged 6 and upwards as they are attending the party independently.

  • The party organiser is also responsible for the amount of children arriving to the birthday party – all walking children will be counted in participating numbers.

  • Your birthday party time slot is set. If you are late or wish to wait for late arriving guests this will be at the detriment of your party gym time.

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