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Children's Craft Workshop Pass | 6x Sessions

£75.00Pass for 6 classes.
Pass can be used for:
  • 🧒🏼 Father's Day Craft Workshop (Age 5+)
  • 🧒🏼 Spring Paper Wreath Craft Workshop (Age 5+)
  • 🧒🏼 Spring Garden Craft Workshop (Age 5+)
  • 🧒🏼 Summer Holiday Craft Workshop (Age 5+)

Can be used in the same day across all the 2 hour workshop sessions
(children are welcome to stay for lunch & games in-between sessions if staying all day)

I run 2x 2 hour workshops over 8 times a year so this works out great if your child is... [Read more]

Adult's Craft Workshop Pass | 3x Sessions

£60.00Pass for 3 classes.
Pass not currently valid for any upcoming events.

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