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A guided hiikoi (walk) on Te Pane o Mataoho (Maangere Mountain) is one of the most enriching things to do in Taamaki Makaurau.

Our hiikoi maatauranga Maaori shares the history of settlement and cultivation on the fertile slopes, the stories of mana whenua and of the ancestral maunga.
We share knowledge of the traditional ways of cultivating food and medicinal plants on the rich volcanic slopes of Te Pane o Mataoho. See the traces of gardens from hundreds of years ago, learn about heritage Maaori crops – and see them growing in our maara (gardens).

Our hiikoi puia reveal this mountain's volcanic origins and explores the formation of the maunga, the largest and best-preserved volcano in the southern part of the Auckland Volcanic Field (AVF). Te Pane o Mataoho first erupted 70,000 years ago – long before the arrival of humans. The higher points of the maunga, give a great view of Te Motu a Hiaroa/Puketuutuu, the only island volcano in Te Maanukanuka o Hoturoa (Manukau Harbour) and Ngaa Tapuwae o Mataoho (Maangere Lagoon).

For the full day programme (4.5 hours) there are interactive activities. As we align our workshops as much as possible to the maramataka (traditional Maaori lunar calendar) these activities will vary throughout the year.

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