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Saturday, 30 November '24   8:30am – 4:30pm AEST


This NEW workshop builds on the knowledge from Lumbar Rehab 1 and focuses in on building your pre-exercise assessment skills for your clients back pain presentations.

My goal is to teach you how to get a very clear baseline, identify your clients weak points, understand their deficits and how this is impacting their functional tolerances.

This workshop, when brought into application with your clients, should help you develop a good understanding of

where to begin your individualized, targeted rehab and recovery program.

how to adapt your assessment for different injury pathologies and complex pain presentations.
the clinical reasoning process needed to interpret the key findings from your assessment
how to document and communicate your key findings to other stake holders
how to prioritize and rehab plan ahead, including anticipating timelines for physiological adaptation to your key findings.

The day will be predominantly practical application and clinical reasoning and will include the assessing spinal mobility, lumbo-pelvic motor control, SIJ and hip stability, and key functional testing.

My goal is to help you to confidently formulate the safe & ideal starting point for any back rehabilitation program, one that will be tolerable and beneficial for the persons recovery.


Lumbar Rehab 1 is recommended ahead of completing this course.

Please get in touch for further details if needed.
Details of location will be provided closer to event date.




Available until Sat 2 Nov 8:30am
Available until 4 weeks prior to the course start date
A$285.00 + GST


Available between Thu 31 Oct 8:30am and Thu 28 Nov 8:30am
A$330.00 + GST