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"The Power of Story in Human Development and Spiritual Maturation," an in-person retreat with Carol S. Pearson

Friday, 20 May '22   3 days
St. Francis Retreat Center, Mepkin Abbey, 1098 Mepkin Abbey Rd, Moncks Corner SC 29461
Only 2 spaces left
"The Power of Story in Human Development and Spiritual Maturation," an in-person retreat with Carol S. Pearson


What if you could identify the stories you were thinking, telling, and enacting? What if you could, then, discover whether they would lead to happy, boring, or tragic endings and even reframe them for more consistently positive results? And, what if your life stories and your daily actions more consistently expressed the best of who you are—your authentic self—thus transforming your experiences and outcomes? How much more fulfilling and successful your life could be!

This workshop is based on Carol’s book, What Stories Are You Living? which is a primer about her 12-archetype system for developing narrative intelligence (NQ) to accomplish these ends. Also included are insights from Carol’s interfaith doctoral studies to assist you in exploring stories that can foster your spiritual growth in a manner authentic to you.

With Carol Pearson, an author of Persephone Rising: Awakening the Heroine Within, as well as The Hero Within: Awakening the Heroes Within, as well as, What Stories Are You Living : Discover Your Archetypes – Transform Your Life and the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator TM

The suggested donation for this retreat is $400.
This retreat is also being offered online.

All those who would like to register for a retreat at Mepkin Abbey must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. We are initiating this requirement to safeguard our vulnerable monastic community and all guests we come to Mepkin.

The current world situation involving variants to Covid makes this imperative for us. Thank you for your understanding of this very sensitive situation.

Rooms in the beautiful St. Francis Retreat Center include a bed, desk, reading chair, and private bath. Bed linens, towels, and soap are provided. Married couples or those traveling together can be accommodated in adjoining rooms.


We ask kindly that only guests who are planning to take part in the retreat programs register.
Check-in is from 2-4 pm Eastern Time on Friday, and check-out is by no later than 9 am ET Monday to allow time for the rooms to be cleaned.

Please keep in mind that the gate closes at 6 pm

For maximum results, you may choose to take the Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator® instrument, which assesses the stories you are living for a modest fee. It is available from the publisher at


In Person Directed Retreat
2 available


St. Francis Retreat Center
Mepkin Abbey
1098 Mepkin Abbey Rd
Moncks Corner SC 29461

(843) 761-8509 Opt 1