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Medical and Engineering Technologies Gateway

We offer support to industry across five technology themes:

Medical imaging technologies that allow for prototype devices to be tested and evaluated under clinically-relevant simulated use conditions. Our suite of medical imaging equipment includes a purpose built fluoroscopy suite, ultrasound equipment and an SEM microscope.

Anatomical Modelling and Physiological Replication: involving the translation of medical data (MRI’s, ultrasounds, etc.) into engineering data and from there into clinically relevant anatomical models. These models are fully compliant, X-ray and echo compatible, and can replicate healthy or diseased tissue. MET also specialise in developing advanced simulation systems that can replicate the associated physiological parameters, including pulsatile flow, blood pressure, cardiac output and blood mimicking fluid. Our models and simulation systems are used to assess the performance of a prototypes, for clinician feedback and for design verification and validation.

Data Analytics and Visualisation: MET has expertise in data analytics and the visualisation of clinical data to inform the design of the next generation of medical device prototypes. We have the expertise, the software and the hardware to manipulate, interrogate and visualise industry data in any volume.

Design Engineering and Verification: MET offer services in prototyping and design verification technologies such as CAD design; rapid prototyping; technical reviews, critique and brainstorming; and materials and product characterisation.

Medicinal Nutrition and Sport: with leading expertise in Nutrition and Sports Science, the MET research team can assist the food industry in all aspects of novel food development. The team have the knowledge and skills to test and modify the impact of foods on physiological and metabolic parameters. Additionally, the range of sports testing equipment and technologies available at the centre enables companies to develop foods and strategies specific to athletes and those involved in sport.

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