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ECA Online Applications 2023/24 Term 1

MCA ECA Booking 2023/24 - Term 1

You are booking for Term 1 of ECAs which begins on Monday 25th September 2023.

  • Mondays - 16 weeks: 25th Sep - 12th Feb (Bank Holiday 5th Feb)
  • Tuesdays - 17 weeks - 26th Sep - 13th Feb
  • Thursdays - 16 weeks - 28th Sep - 8th Feb
  • Fridays - 16 weeks - 29th Sep - 9th Feb

ECA Help & FAQs are available at ECA related queries or support requests should be submitted via the ECA Coordination Team Google Form available at

Financial Assistance

METNS encourages all children to take part in the vital life of the school including after-school activities. Please do not let financial constraints prevent your child from participating in the METNS ECA programme. Enter the discount code 'ASSISTANCE' at checkout and complete your booking - a member of staff will speak with you in confidence.

ECA Filters

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Class: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

Day: All Mon Tue Thu Fri
From 24 Sep 2023
September, 2023
25 Mon 2:15pm IST Chess
2:15pm IST Drama - Junior
2:15pm IST Junior Arts & Crafts
2:15pm IST Yoga - Senior
26 Tue 2:15pm IST Art - Senior
2:15pm IST Multisports A - 1st and 2nd
2:15pm IST Multisports B - 3rd and 4th
2:15pm IST Multisports C - 5th and 6th
2:15pm IST Musical Theatre - Junior
2:15pm IST STEM - Senior
2:15pm IST Yoga - Junior
28 Thu 2:15pm IST Guitar Tuition - Group 1
2:15pm IST Art - Junior
2:15pm IST Basketball
2:15pm IST Drama - Senior
2:15pm IST Junior Creative Minds
2:15pm IST Musical Theatre - Senior
2:15pm IST STEM - Junior
2:45pm IST Guitar Tuition - Group 2
6pm IST Hockey - NOT AT METNS
29 Fri 2:15pm IST Irish Dancing
2:15pm IST Lego Club
2:15pm IST Soccer - Junior
2:15pm IST Soccer - Senior
Times shown in timezone: Dublin