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Ministry of Fitness Lanzarote

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I love and crave fitness but..... not everybody does so I decided it's my mission to help convert the haters to fall in love with group fitness one workout at a time so they too can enjoy the heath benefits I've thrived on and have fun at the same time to the point they won't even realise they was working out 💪

My workouts are varied and specifically designed to help build strength, power, agility, mobility, balance and positivity for your overall health through exercise and movement using varied equipment.

Being outdoors allows us to create a work space where we can breath fresh sea air, enjoy great music and take in beautiful views with a fantastic group of like-minded individuals 'my fit fam' ❣️

From 15 Jul 2024
July, 2024
16 Tue 10am BST
10am BST
17 Wed 5pm BST
20 Sat 10am BST
22 Mon 10am BST
10am BST
23 Tue 10am BST
10am BST
24 Wed 5pm BST
27 Sat 10am BST
29 Mon 10am BST
10am BST
10am BST
30 Tue 10am BST
10am BST
31 Wed 5pm BST
3 Sat 10am BST
5 Mon 10am BST
10am BST
6 Tue 10am BST
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