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Montessori Tots Playgroup

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Playgroups can be an important part of a child's social and emotional development. They provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers, learn to share and take turns, and develop communication and problem-solving skills.

Playgroups can also be beneficial for parents and caregivers, as they provide a supportive community where they can connect with other adults who are going through similar experiences. They also offer opportunities for parents to share parenting tips and advice, and to get information about local resources and services.

Montessori education has been gaining popularity in recent years. With exciting and visualising appealing invitations to play, children are free to explore and engage in the activities, resources and open-ended toys on offer as well as traditional Montessori work.
Children can be immersed in a child-led free play environment that appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn through play.
Each week our sessions centre around a new theme (see below). Through these themes we provide a new variety of activities from sensory play, small world play, messy play and schematic play opportunities, among others.

All about the rainbow
Oceans and Seas
Seven Continents
People who help us
Science and Investigation
Magnets Pull, Magnets Push
Weather and Seasons
On the Farm
Flowers and Bees
Space and Planets

Stay and Play Sessions will take place twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays from 2:30pm-4pm.

Each session will have free child-led play that will consist of:

-Book Corner/ Quiet area that will be separated with area rug and offer space for parents to breastfeed and take care of any infant age children.

-Toddler Montessori Corner that will be two shelves appropriate Montessori toddler work displayed.

-Building area that will consist of Waldorf inspired open ended play using wooden toys and other popular eco friendly learning resources.

-Small Floor Tuff Tray that will have infant safe sensory/messy play material as rice, cornflakes, sand..

-Large Tuff Tray that will have weekly themed activity for older children.

-Eight Small Mats next to each other that will display Montessori work for older children.

-Two small tables that will have mark making activities and playdough.

From 25 Feb 2024
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