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Welcome to Motionsofclay pottery class booking page

Ronaldo Wiltshire is a London based ceramic artist and Lecturer at Morley North Kensington College formerly. Born to two Barbadian potters and specialises in created functional and decorative ceramic art, often finished in his own developed glaze formulas. He loves throwing on the potter's wheel as well as using hand-building techniques to create sculptural pieces.

"Working with clay is not my job, it's how I express my inner thoughts and deep feelings I use the studio as therapy and it brings so much joy to share this gift with others".

From 4 Mar 2024
March, 2024
4 Mon Course: 12 dates
6:30pm GMT
Course: 2 dates
5 Tue Course: 1 date
6:30pm GMT
Course: 2 dates
6 Wed Course: 4 dates
7 Thu Course: 4 dates
9 Sat 12pm GMT
11 Mon 6:30pm GMT
12 Tue Course: 4 dates
6:30pm GMT
16 Sat 11am GMT
4 Thu Course: 4 dates
8 Mon Course: 6 dates
9 Tue Course: 6 dates
11 Thu Course: 6 dates
13 Sat 11am BST
2:30pm BST
20 Sat 7pm BST
Times shown in timezone: London