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3 Day Intensive with Jamie Mc Hugh: Embodying Nature: Deepening our Kinship with the Natural World & with Ourselves - 26-28th May 2023


A 3 Day Intensive / studio 6 Dartington Hall Estate, Devon
26th - 28th May 2023 Everyday 9:30 - 5pm

TICKETS on a sliding scale for the full workshop:
£160 / £140 / £120


9:30 - Arrival, Landing & Warm Up
10:00 - Morning Class Start
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - Afternoon Class Start
17:00 Wrapping up

9:30 - Arrival, Landing & Warm Up
10:00 - Morning Class Start
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - Afternoon Class Start
17:00 Wrapping up

9:30 - Arrival, Landing & Warm Up
10:00 - Morning Class Start
12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - Afternoon Class Start
16:30 Wrapping up

: Expanding and deepening our Kinship with the natural world and with ourselves.

This is a unique opportunity to learn from a master of Somatic Movement and Embodiment from the USA. This is Jamies only class in the UK before he moves on to Swizzerland and Italy on his european tour.

This 3 day Intensive will be held at Dartington, a beautiful 140 acre estate in Devon/UK. As a radical campus for interdisciplinary learning, Dartington has a unique history, having acted as incubator for new and contemporary dance in the 1040ties - 1990ties. Read more about Dartington here:

The workshop will be held in a beautiful sun flodded studio with heated floor as well as outdoors in the multifacetted landscapes of the Dartington estate.

We are members of the natural world, microcosms of the outer landscape who can easily forget our wild nature and our place in Creation. In this retreat, we take time to immerse ourselves in the living dreamscape of our bodies and the natural world to remember, to explore and discover more of who we are and what we can be. Tree, sky, rock, and water – all the elements reflect parts of our being that can be embodied and expressed.

Embodying Nature is an experiential, hands-on process developed by Jamie McHugh for expanding and deepening our kinship with the natural world through the preverbal medium of our body's perception and expression. This somatic-expressive practice is simple, inclusive and easy to understand and has been taught to various groups worldwide over the past 30 years.
Each day begins by settling into our inner landscape with the five somatic technologies of breath, vocalization, contact, movement and stillness. (See video overview of the five technologies here: )

Then, we move into relationship with the outer landscape by contacting, witnessing, mirroring, responding and resting. The combination of the somatic practices with these relational activities generates a flow state conducive to a creative stream of spontaneous dances, intuitive songs, and silent contemplations that connect us to place. And embodying relaxed attention and lively presence to meet, become, and cherish the land provides a regenerative oasis for stepping back into one’s life – refreshed, renewed, and restored.

ABOUT JAMIE: (read full Bio below)
Jamie McHugh, MA, RSMT is a somatic movement specialist and an interdisciplinary artist living in the Hudson River Valley of New York. He is the creator of Somatic Expression® - Body Wisdom for Modern Minds, an accessible and inclusive approach to somatic-expressive practices for daily life; and NatureBeingArt, abstract contemplative nature photography and online video streams. Jamie has studied with a variety of various master teachers (artistic, spiritual, and therapeutic) and taught body-based work for over four decades. His somatic-expressive practices for re-wilding the body, mending the mind and restoring the spirit have been inspired by his relationships with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Anna Halprin, Thich Nhat Hanh and the wild places of the planet. He is currently focusing his attention on eco-somatics and kinship with the natural world through Embodied Mindfulness (Explorations in the Inner Landscape) and Embodying Nature (Explorations in the Outer Landscape). Jamie continues to study and research the mystery of the body - as an element of nature and as an expression of our humanity. and


ACCOMMODATION at Dartington & Totnes:

You can stay at Dartington directly, which is 1 minute walk to the studio, see below. Campsite is a beautiful 10 minute walk to the studio.
Otherwise there are plenty of options via air b&b in Totnes, 8 minutes by car and 35 minute by foot, a beautiful river walk.

Booking at the Dartington Hotel:

ROOMS range from:
£35/student dorm with breakfast
£70/£75 double room with breakfast
£12 campsite

To book please e mail: or call: 01803 / 847 000


Train: there is a trainstation in Totnes (8min by car/35 min by foot to reach Dartington Hall) connecting to London Paddington and the rest of the country.
Bus: National Express stops 2x a day running between London and Totnes centre.
Megabus: stops in Exeter and Plymouth - from which you are able to catch a 30 min trainride to Totnes.
South West Falcon: Runs every hour 23 x day from Bristol to Plymouth, it stops in South Brent, which is a 15 min car ride to Dartington Hall.

Full BIO:
Jamie McHugh, MA, RSMT is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA), somatic movement specialist, and interdisciplinary artist living in the Hudson River Valley of New York.
McHugh is the creator of Somatic Expression® - Body Wisdom for Modern Minds, an integrative approach to the art and craft of embodiment.
He offers trainings, classes, and individual sessions in pragmatic body wisdom and somatic literacy to empower individuals and groups in reclaiming bodily agency through the five indigenous technologies of the body: Breath – Vocalization – Contact – Movement - Stillness. The accessibility and simplicity of his approach comes from 45 years of personal and professional practice with a wide range of audiences in varied contexts.

McHugh is also the creator of NatureBeingArt, abstract contemplative photography of the natural environment for both fine art reproductions and video streams, including two online collections of “motional art for soul-settling”: 7 Days of Beauty Project and The Breathing Room Series.
His current work centers on: “Embodying Nature” - a sensory-motor approach to ecological attunement taught in the United States and Europe, and “Embodied Mindfulness” – body-based contemplative practices taught online to participants worldwide.

From 1978-87, McHugh was a teacher of creative dance/drama in Madison, Wisconsin public schools, a director of children’s dance theater in Madison, and a National Endowment for the Arts Artist-in-Residence in K-12 education throughout the state.
He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to apprentice with dance pioneer Anna Halprin at Tamalpa Institute in 1986, and began teaching there as faculty until 2017. McHugh was core faculty from 1988-94 and was involved with all levels of programming including the Training Program, the Healing Arts Program (for people with life-threatening illnesses), Community classes and Summer Intensives. As a collaborator and teaching associate of Anna Halprin over a span of 30 years, he furthered her legacy of anatomically-based, non-stylized explorations in movement, dance in the natural environment, and community-based rituals (The Planetary Dance).

In the San Francisco Bay Area, McHugh was also on faculty at John F. Kennedy University in the Master’s Program in Holistic Health Education from 1991-2015 where he taught practicums in somatic movement education. He was also affiliated with the Institute for Health and Healing at Columbia Pacific Medical Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation from 1998-2005.
On an international level, McHugh has presented his work since 1989 in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He was a consultant for the Swiss AIDS Federation and annual presenter of "Movement as Medicine" workshops for HIV+ people and their caregivers from 1998-2007. He also directed a Healing Arts Training Group in Dusseldorf, Germany from 1997-2007.
Additionally, McHugh has been a guest teacher in diverse educational, artistic and healthcare settings, including L’Atelier de Paris, the Bristol (England) Cancer Center, Esalen Institute, Kobe (Japan) University, Stanford University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Alanus University (Germany).

McHugh has been published in various periodicals, including Contact Quarterly, Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities, and Yogi Times, and wrote a monthly column from 1996-97 in The Monthly Aspectarian (Chicago). His oral history "Alive at the Edge: A Life in Dance" was documented by the Legacy Project and is housed at the San Francisco Performing Arts Library. McHugh also contributed a chapter to “Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World” edited by Martin Keogh (2010, North Atlantic Books) and was featured in “Beauty is Experience: Dancing 50 and Beyond” (2017) by Emmaly Wiederholt. McHugh was also a guest co-editor of Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, Vol 13, # 1 & 2 “Embodying Eco-Consciousness” (2021).

In addition to Halprin, McHugh’s primary teachers over the years have included Marjorie Barstow (Alexander Technique), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Emilie Conrad (Continuum), Thich Nhat Hanh (Engaged Buddhism), and Lorin Smith (Indigenous Healing).
From his early beginnings in 1978 as a creative dance specialist and community artist in public schools to his many years teaching somatic movement as a healing art practice, McHugh’s consistent mission throughout has been to make dance and movement accessible to every-body, to understand and explore the intelligence, humanity and self-regulating capacities of the body, and to support each person in developing an intimate and pro-active relationship with their own body’s expressive creativity.

From 23 Mar 2023
May, 2023
26 Fri 3 days EMBODYING NATURE with Jamie Mc Hugh
: Expanding and deepening our Kinship with the natural world and with ourselves.
Times shown in timezone: London