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Welcome to the booking system for the Minster Learning Alliance

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of professional learning programmes, projects and opportunities that provide high quality training and development.

From 29 Nov 2023
November, 2023
30 Thu Course: 3 dates Primary PE Network
7 Thu Course: 5 dates Primary English Network
Course: 5 dates Primary Computing Network
12 Tue 9am GMT Midday Supervisor - Keep Calm & Carry On!
January, 2024
23 Tue 9am GMT Midday Supervisor - Dealing with Autism during Unstructured Times
9:30am GMT Behaviour Management for Teaching Assistants and Cover Supervisors
25 Thu Course: 4 dates EYFS Network
2 Fri Course: 3 dates Primary Maths Network
7 Wed Course: 3 dates Primary Art Network
22 Thu 9am GMT Midday Supervisor - Restorative Approach for Break Times
28 Wed Course: 2 dates Mental Health First Aid Certificate
11 Mon Course: 2 dates Primary Music Network
20 Wed Course: 2 dates EYFS Moderation Network
Times shown in timezone: London