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We are excited to announce that 'Wild Woodlanders' at Bowmont Forest is back. Due to the restrictions currently in place around COVID-19 our group sizes are limited to 8 children, and we are only able to accept children of primary school age who are 11 and under. Please read our 'COVID Policy and Procedures.doc', as you proceed through the booking process this document will be available for you to view, but if you would like a copy to be emailed out to you, please contact us at the above email address.

If you had booked your child(ren) onto sessions that were cancelled in March due to the pandemic, you should have received an email regarding this, thank you if you donated your session fees. Those of you who requested refunds, these have been processed. Those who have requested credit for 'Wild Woodlanders' sessions cancelled due to COVID-19 will need to wait until we are back to 'business as usual' before they can use this credit to re-book a session. Due to COVID-19 procedures and restrictions we are having to run sessions with reduced numbers, and therefore our costs per session have increased. We believe these sessions are vital for children's wellbeing. We thank you for your understanding.

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