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Live Language has been delivering a variety of language courses since 2002. Over the years, we have offered a range of courses including Japanese, French, Arabic, Korean, Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish to name just a few. Learning a new language is a great way to find out about new cultures and to improve your experiences abroad. Check out the courses we are starting in September. If you don't see the language you are looking for or if you are interested in private lessons, you can contact us at info@live-language.com and we will be happy to help.

Fra 27 jul 2021
september, 2021
13 man. Kurs: 12 Datoer Portuguese Complete Beginner A1 (i)
Kurs: 12 Datoer Spanish Complete Beginner A1 (i)
14 tir. Kurs: 12 Datoer Japanese Intermediate B1 (i)
Kurs: 12 Datoer Spanish Advanced C1 (i)
15 ons. Kurs: 12 Datoer Japanese Complete Beginner A1 (i)
Kurs: 12 Datoer Japanese Elementary A2 (i)
16 tor. Kurs: 12 Datoer Arabic Pre-Intermediate A2 (ii)
Kurs: 12 Datoer Japanese False Beginner A1 (ii)
Kurs: 12 Datoer Japanese Pre-Intermediate A2 (ii)
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