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New Blck
is a dance club which guide dancers to find their own style in a professional way,
to be more confident in front of the camera and to feel free while they’re dancing – to dance with ATTITUDE


All deposits are nonrefundable.Sessions missed for any reason are not refundable.We reserve the right to cancel any Classes at any time up to and including the date the first Session the Class starts. Should this occur we will endeavour to give you at least seven day’s notice and will attempt to offer you a viable alternative or will offer you a refund of any fees paid.In the event of bad weather preventing a Class going ahead or in the event of a school cancelling a Class due to bad weather no refund will be issued.
InstructionsIt is your responsibility to ensure that we have current contact details for you and all adults authorised to pick up your child.All medical information and all other relevant or significant information should be shared at point of registration. Any changes or updates to this must be communicated via email/telephone at the earliest opportunity.We will only accept instructions given to us regarding a child from the legal guardian who registered for a Class in the first instance.