Birth of a Mother: Support Series

Tuesday, 1 October '19   2pm - 3:30pm
107 W Main St, GV Ca 95945
10 spaces available

This group is designed to support your transition into motherhood. Unlike other groups, the focus is not on the babies, but on YOU. This is a time for you to process the light and the shadow of motherhood; to celebrate triumphs and share tribulations. Dive deep into yourself with other mamas to uncover your newfound sense of self as mother. Through trust, vulnerability, and authentic sharing we will build community and foster a deep sense of connection and ongoing support. Led by a trained therapist to address issues of anxiety, depression, grief, and other complex emotions. We will normalize, validate, and unpack all these emotions and generate specific strategies to manage them.

All mothers may join regardless of the age of your baby. Babies are welcome however you may find it easier to share when you are on your own.

We will meet weekly for themed confidential sessions. This will run as a series in order to have group consistency and to build on each session. You may not join the circle after the 2nd group meeting.

Class is $75 for the series or $60 for Nest members.

About the Therapist: Suzy Ganer holds a masters degree in counseling and years of clinical experience. She is a new mama to a baby boy and passionate about postpartum support. Her therapeutic approach incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and emphasizes drawing upon a woman's strength and personal power. She is also a yoga teacher and incorporates mindfulness strategies in session.


Birth of a Mother
9 available
Nest Member - Birth of a Mother
9 available

107 W Main St, GV Ca 95945